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SEO - frequently asked questions

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It has become somewhat of an obscure science in the recent years. Shortly, the aim of SEO is getting a high rank for a website in search engines thus securing visibility of a website to the desired audience.

Do I need SEO for my website?

If you are not planning to spend money on advertising your website and going to rely solely on the search engines then the answer is definitely YES. In our Brave New Googleized World the rank of a website in search results might make or brake a business.

How is SEO carried out?

The first step is to decide who the audience of your website will be. This must be done by you. Then a decision has to be made as to which search words and expressions your website will be optimized for. This requires our mutual agreement as it is likely to affect the content of your site, i.e the wording of the text. What comes after this is entirely my job. It includes optimizing the HTML and CSS code of your website, submitting it to search engines and web directories and the long process of link-building...and so on. Geting a high rank and keeping your website there is an ongoing process and the results don't come fast.

Good and bad SEO

I only use good, ethical "white hat" SEO techniques. There are certain techniques which can catapult a website into a high rank. However, the implementation of these methods is penalized by Google whose fine algorhythms can detect such so called "black hat" techniques and results in a website ending up with a very low rank.

Why can't you guarantee results?

SEO is a tricky area of information technology. Due to the nature of search engine technology and their ever improving algorhythms, it is entirely Google's (and other search engines, like Bing) decision how high a rank a website will have. All I can guarantee is that I will make all the steps necessary for achieveing the highest possible rank. No credible SEO agency will ever guarantee certain results. Unfortunately, neither can I. However the ranking of your website is more than likely to start improving shortly after I start the "SEO treatment" and it should be in a favorable position after a few months.

SEO tips and tricks

SEO starts with You

The foundation of successful search engine optimization and a superior rank in search results is high quality content. That is all the text that appears on the pages of your website. As SEO professionals say: content is king. Unless you hire someone to create the wording, content will be your responsibility. However, in order to achieve better results, I might suggests you make changes here and there. The content must be original, I definitely don't recommend copying from any other website as Google will be quick to detect and penalize.

Know your audience

Knowing your targeted audience helps in determining which search terms your website should be optimized for. People of different ages and interests are likely to use search engines differently. This is an important aspect that must be considered for successful SEO.

Have a photo of you in Google search results

When using Google search you might have noticed that next to certain links a small photo appears depicting the author of the website. Imagine how much attention that little image draws on a page that consists of nothing but text? I can tell you, a lot. And not only attention, it also generates trust in the viewer. I recommend you have your photo in search results as well. All it takes is having a Google+ account. So open one today. The rest is my job.

Write a blog

The number of links pointing to your website is an important deciding factor of its pagerank. The more prominent the website that has links to your site the better. A very effective way of raising the number of these important links is writing a blog and giving your name and website's address at the bottom of each entry. Make sure the address is actually a link to your site, not just text.
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