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Web design

Bespoke, professional websites

I build pixel-perfect websites that are tailored to your needs. These are websites made from scracth - it's classic web design without the use of content management systems. This is the most search engine friendly method as the content and structure are completely under the control of the designer.

Eye-catching, content managed websites

The use of content management systems (CMS) is the most cost effective way of building large, complex websites. CMS's (like Joomla and Wordpress) have user-friendly interfaces through which the contents can be easily updated. CMS's require the use of a template which is a design and structure made by a third party. Templates can be purchased from several places on the internet or downloaded for free.

Responsive websites for mobile technology

Responsive websites automatically change their appearance to better fit the screen when viewed in a mobile device, for instance a smartphone or tablet. The latest professional templates for content management systems have a responsive design. With the appearance of Joomla 3 and other professional tools on the market, you can easily have a website that's ready for the mobile technology. If it is essential for you that your website is responsive, you should make it clear when you contact me for the first time. In most cases, adding responsive capability will not affect the costs, provided your website is made with a CMS. However, be ready to pay more if your website absolutely needs to be built from scratch.
Traditionally built websites can also be made responsive although it ususally requires a considerable amount of extra work.

E-commerce websites / webshops

In the age of PayPal it has become very safe to buy and sell online. I will build your online shop using one of the several professional e-commerce solutions that exists today.

You will always find my prices unbeatable. That's one of the reasons Deeno is so popular among people who cannot afford to pay thousands of pounds to get their website done. Hire me and save money. You will never look back.

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